What Are Ampakines?

Ampakines are molecules that alter brain chemistry. By altering this brain chemistry, these ampakines can result in an increased attention span, better learning power and a stronger and quicker memory that can allow a person to stay more awake and alert throughout the day and their lives.

In addition, ampakines are being investigated as a possible treatment for disorders of the brain that include Alzheimer’s, debilitating mental illnesses, and more, like schizophrenia, severe depression, and even Parkinson’s disease

There are several different studies that have been conducted on human patients and test subjects to investigate whether ampakines and people who take ampakine drugs had a better concentration and wakefulness level than those who did not take ampakines. The studies also seem to have shown that ampakines have a much different effect on people than other stimulants like caffeine or amphetamines; ampakines work to produce mental wakefulness in people without some of the major side effects associate with stimulants, like trouble sleeping and more.

The military and other major corporations, organizations, and government entities have shown interest in ampakines as they are fascinated with whether or not ampakines will work on subjects under adverse conditions and in the need to retain memory, focus, and wakefulness. It will surely be interesting to see how the military and other groups use ampakines for learning, memory and concentration in the interests of national security and more.

In addition to these requirements, though, ampakines are especially interesting when it comes to increasing learning ability and educational focus and success. These drugs not only relieve or cure numerous neurological disorders, they can also increase learning potential and work to become, in effect, smart pills.

When these ampakines enhance memory, focus, and communication among students, they can also improve and enhance the speed and amount of learning taking place in a certain sitting, or on a certain day. Ampakines can become a huge asset to the education system, as people begin to use them for learning and school-related requirements.

Finally, ampakines for learning, memory and concentration are used as sleep aids for people with severe sleep disturbances and other major sleep issues. They are not a drug to promote and induce sleep, but rather they serve a purpose in cutting out adverse affects associated with very little sleep and can improve a person’s quality of life even if they are unable to sleep for whatever reason.

As it stands, ampakines are critical to health for a great deal of people and in a great deal of situations. It will be interesting to see, as time goes on, how ampakines for learning, memory and concentration can continue to be used for improved tools that can be applied to students, military members, and more. Ampakines are reliable and safe to use for memory and concentration improvements, and they are sure to be a hit in the future when it comes to being used for a variety of neurological needs.