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Disclaimer tries to best represent important information such as warnings, dosages and side effects to the best of our abilities. This information should be correct however, using supplements is up to owners’ discretion. Use our products at your own risk.

None of this information has been guaranteed by a physician. Nootropics generally are considered safe but it is up to the user to use it responsibly and safely. cannot guarantee safety and can only supply information readily available to the public. We are not legally responsible for our customers’ safety. Due diligence is advised.

Our products are guaranteed to be pure to 99%. Mix-ups and mislabelling of orders are extremely rare but can happen from time to time. If you are suspect of a mix up please contact our support department.

Nootropics can be prescriptions or illegal in some countries and locations. We try our best not to ship to these countries and stay on top of the laws and bylaws. It is the customers’ duty to know the legality of our products and follow their countries rules. Any of the customers’ legal issues related to our products are not the responsibility of