Piracetam Review


Today we are going to do a review on Piracetam which is one of the oldest and most tested of the nootropic racetam family. You’re probably reading this post because you are looking to try Piracetam or just wanting to compare it to other nootropics.

Let me start off by saying if you’re looking for a drug like NZT off the movie Limitless, it just isn’t going to happen. There isn’t a drug or supplement out there that will make you become superhuman. On the other hand, there are supplements that will defiantly improve your overall cognitive performance.

It can be really confusing when initially researching nootropics. There are many options from herbs to supplements to drugs but, which one is best? This question is neither here nor there as it will always differ from person to person. What we can say is that people do like Piracetam. Piracetam has remained a staple for many nootropic users, even after the development of more advanced supplements.

If you have never tried nootropics and are expecting an NZT-like drug you will probably be disappointed. It isn’t going to make you “Ace” tests but it will for damn sure help. The effects of Piracetam are subtle yet effective, thoughts come clearer and sharper and perceptions become more alive and vibrant.

Piracetam vs Other Nootropics

The great thing about nootropics is that not one is similar to another. Each will affect he brain and people differently. Someone may think that Piracetam is the best supplement, while another may find it completely ineffective. Just because someone finds Piracteam ineffective, does not mean it is not working and probably more attributed to the NZT-effect.

Piracetam has been said to be one of the best “sensory nootropics”. Users claim it makes sounds louder, sights brighter and touches more sensitive. This is probably attributed to its potent Acetylcholine-boosting effects. Most racetams and nootropics somehow affect the Acetylcholine system however the difference in sensory perception from Piracetam to others cannot be fully understood.

Piracetam also has very strong memory-boosting effects. Many people think that since a supplement like Pramiracetam or Noopept is much stronger via potency, that they will have stronger memory boosting effects. This is not entirely true, as this relates to potency and not how it affects the brain. There is no metric to measure this and probably never will as each user experience is different.

Piracetam Stacking

Like most supplements and remedies, combining two or more of them can often be beneficial. If you have not yet learned, combining nootropics with a choline source is highly recommended. Choline is essential and it is in your body as well as natural foods. It is responsible for contributing to cognitive functions and is a precursor to Acetylcholine. Less than 10% of the population receives enough choline.

Combing choline with Piracetam or any other nootropic is recommended to get optimal results. Alpha GPC is a choline supplement that we recommend as it is very effective and potent. If you are one of the 90% of the population who doesn’t get enough choline through your diet, the Alpha GPC alone, will likely offer positive results. Combing Alpha GPC with Piracetam will likely get even better results.

Piracetam as a Mood Booster

Piracetam as well as other racetams, have been said to have some mild mood-boosting functions. This is likely to be related to its Serotonin modulating effects however, this area is not completely studied or understood. Using Piracetam for anxiety is not as common as with other nootropics like, Aniracetam or Noopept but some do claim it offers results.

Some people do attribute Piracetam to overall lowered anxiety and depression levels. Energy levels and overall productivity has been said to be increased for many. Overall, it is a good supplement to choose especially if you are a first time nootropics user. It is great alone or to stack with other supplements. Side effects and tolerance are often low or non-existent.