PhenylPiracetam – Nootropic for Concentration

PhenylPiracetam, (AKA Phenotropil) is potent supplement for concentration. It is used in Russia as a prescripsion drug to help combat brain conditions. PP also acts a neuroprotective agent and a potent vasodilator. In terms of Potency, it is considered 30-60 times more potent than Piracetam however, both PhenylPiracetam and Piracetam have different results for many users.


  • Crystal clear focus
  • Determination
  • Higher Productivity
  • Reduction in Stress
  • Help Anxiety/ Depression


The benefits of PhenylPiracetam have been reported to even improve physical performance. Many athletic committees have even chosen to ban the substance due to these unfair advantages. Athletes have been disqualified for using PP. This is a clear sign this supplement has many benefits to users wanting to increase both mental and physical performance.

PhenylPiracetam is a derivate of Piracetam. The substance is created by adding a phenyl ring to Piracetam which results in a more powerful analogue. Just as with Piracetam, the mechanism of action of PhenylPiracetam is not fully agreed upon or understood in the medical community.

While the mechanism of action is not fully understood, PP does work as a positive allosteric modulator. It is believed to help activate glutamate receptors and also works as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This results in improved learning and memory as well as many other positive effects.


PhenylPiracetam vs Piracetam

In terms of bioavailability, both substances have 100% when taken orally. The half-life of both PP and Piracetam are identical at 3-5 hours but dosages of PhenylPiracetam are much lower due to its enhanced potency.

PhenylPiracetam is more potent but has several different qualities than Piracetam. Why or how is unclear to the scientific community at this time. Only anecdotal evidence from users’ experiences can be gathered from online sources.

Reports online have stated that PhenylPiracetam has much more pronounced “concentration effects” while Piracetam is more sensory based. With Piracetam, many users claim the sensory perceptions such as sight and sound are heightened. Also, Piracetam has been said to help with clearer thinking and focus.

According to reports, PhenylPiracetam does not heighten sensory effects. Some users report that the focus on PP is much more pronounced than with Piracetam. PP has been chosen by many as the supplement of choice for needed periods of long term concentration (studying, workload, etc…)

We deduce from this information, that PhenylPiracetam has a stronger reduction on the left-right brain communication. Left-right brain communication does have its place in everyday activities. Creativity is believed to be created from left-right brain communications. From concentration standpoint, excess left-right brain communication can cause distractions and be counter-productive for focus

PhenylPiracetam may have an effect on this communication by hi-jacking the signal at the neural pathways. This is only a theory but there is likely to be an effect on this system. People on PP have noticed a bullet proof like focus that almost terminates your ability to creatively imagine. As you can guess, this can be very useful to some.


PhenylPiracetam/Piracetam Stack

Stacking these two supplements may be something you wish to explore. Combining the effects of PhenylPiracetam and Piracetam can give you a wider spectrum of positive results. Basically, heightened perception and alertness mixed with more advanced focus and crystal clear thinking. Many users are reporting a great mixture of the two substances

All in all, PP may be a great substance to add to your stack. It may be your supplement of choice when you need an added boost to concentration and focus. Experimentation with other nootropic supplement and racetams may be beneficial. Try this supplement by itself or with others because it may be your new all time favorite.