Nootropics Treatment for Aspergers


Advance Nootropics had a request a few weeks ago to write a blog post about how Nootropics may help treat Asperger’s. As per request, we will try to supply some detailed and supportive information on the topic. The area of Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning autism, is not fully understood in the medical profession and no cause or effect has been located.

At this time, there is no known “cure” for Asperger’s Syndrome. Although there is no cure, it does not mean there are not supplements on the market that may supply relief. Nootropics are defiantly an area of interest in this field.

First off, we need to understand Asperger’s symptoms to explore whether or not nootropics may have any benefit. People with Asperger’s have some if not all, of the below symptoms. Unlike regular autism, individuals with Asperger’s appear to have normal development in the early stages of life. It is not till much later, that symptoms of Asperger’s may become apparent to the child’s guardian(s)


  • Relationship Problems – Children and adults with Asperger’s often have a very hard time relating to others. Being able to express themselves emotionally or to read others emotions is often difficult.
  • Poor Social Skills – Often people suffering from Asperger’s have a hard time understanding social guidelines or patterns. This is not intentional, and is a condition. Making eye contact or understanding body language is much more difficult than one not suffering from Asperger’s.
  •  Obsessive Compulsion – People with Asperger’s often get stuck in patterns and change can be very hard.
  •  Expression – Asperger’s sufferers have a hard time expressing themselves verbally and non-verbally. Verbal communication may lack tone or pitch.
  •  Coordination – May have issues with motor skills. Problems with social coordination like facial expressions and body postures.

Adults suffering from Asperger’s often look to drugs and supplementation for help. The intelligence level of people with Asperger’s is often really high but they lack they the skills to properly channel this intelligence in the needed modes of action.

It can be very hard and frustrating. Overtime, discouragement can set in and the sufferer may withdraw themselves from situations and relationships. The good news is, Asperger’s can be managed overtime with proper Cognitive practices.

There is not a lot of information or studies on treating Asperger’s with Nootropics. Because the cause is still unknown, it is very hard to pinpoint exactly how Asperger’s can be treated. The benefit of Nootropics is that they can help with memory, focus and learning. This can really help in conjunction with CBT to manage the symptoms of Asperger’s by helping to relearn and push new thought patterns.

Another benefit nootropics may have in treating Asperger’s, is the possible anti-depressive and anxiety effects. Aniracetam or Noopept may be a great addition when helping manage the depression and anxiety brought on by Asbergers symptoms. Nootropics may give more will power and motivation to fight and manage the discouraging symptoms of this disorder.

The one thing known for sure is that Nootropics can help anyone with learning and memory. Nootropics can be used in conjunction with the CBT therapies to aid in helping to relearn and fight against symptoms of Asperger’s and Autism. For this reason, nootropic supplementation can be a good idea for anyone wishing to fight these ailments mentally.

There really needs to be more research in the area of Nootropics and how they may affect certain ailments and conditions. We know Nootropics stimulate the AcH receptors by increasing Acetylcholine via glutamic transmission. It is quite possible that Asperger’s is caused or a symptom of some Acetylcholine related problem.

Advance Nootropics stongly believes Nootropics can help everyone and this includes suffers from Asperger’s. Case and point, Asperger’s has no known cure but CBT therapy has been shown to help make the symptoms more manageable. Combining nootropics and CBT can most likely help the therapy and thought processes work more efficiently during treatment.

There is no reported evidence that individuals using Nootropics to help manage Asbergers has caused any problem. The research needs to be continued and at Advance Nootropics we would like to hear your feedback on the matter.

If you are using Nootropics to help with Asbergers please Contact Us. We would like to learn more.