Nootropics for Studying

It is not a mystery why over 80% of our customers are university students. always has a spike in sales during exam times and before a new semester starts. This is due to the effects nootropics have on studying. They are very effective while at the same time safe to use in recommended dosages

Everyone wants to do well in school and buying nootropics as a study aid is a rather cheap way to boost efficiency during exam times or when you need to sit down and write a long paper. When you look at the whole picture, it is a small investment to secure your career and future.

Why Is Everyone Using Smart Drugs?

I see so many blogs and news stories about students using smart drugs to study. This is understandable because Smart Drugs really can help. When I say smart drugs I am referring to the prescription class like: Adderall, Ritalin, Modafinil etc…

While smart drugs are effective, they may not the best route for your studying goals. By using smart drugs, you’re stimulating your body and brain unnaturally. Also, smart drugs can put undue stress on your internal organs like your liver.

It is a shame that some of these smart drugs users are doing them illegally and often without any prescription or direction from their doctor. This is often putting your physical safety at risk. Also, most smart drugs are scheduled in the amphetamine class and much more illegal to have without a doctor’s prescription. Some people can’t even manage to get these drugs so it is not your best option as a study aid.

Why Nootropics Are Better for Studying

Nootropics are better for studying than smart drugs period. They are rather easy to obtain and safe to use. Nootropics don’t have the same stimulant effects that the amphetamine based smart drugs do, but still have the same overall effectiveness for studying.

There are many nootropics you can experiment with to reach your academic and life goals. Piracetam is always a good first choice, and as always, backing it up with a recommended choline source like, Alpha GPC will bring in optimal results.

Others love Phenylpiracetam. One student said, “I did a semester worth of math in a week”. Whether this is believable or not is beyond this blog post, but to him Phenylpiracetam is the answer and it might be for you as well. If you’re a newbie, start with the basics and advance from there. Maybe you’ll like Aniracetam for studying better, who knows?

My Experience with Nootropics

Unlike many people, I never experimented with nootropics during college. I did not know of them and hopefully this blog post can bring some awareness for someone who is just learning about nootropics. There is plenty of information on this site for you to learn.

Anyway, the first time I heard of nootropics was actually online. I often like to research pharmaceutics as a hobby of mine. I like to understand the brain and how drugs and supplements affect it. During my research, I ran into nootropics and decided to research further.

It was quite a few months later and I still hadn’t tried nootropics. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about these supplements and he told me that he had some Piracetam. He said he ordered some for exam time during school and had been using it for months.

I tried some and within 10-20 minutes it seemed to take effect. Like anything I take, I was sceptical to rule out the “placebo” effect as a factor. The placebo effect can be very strong and your mind can trick you into thinking something is working when it is not.

Anyway, I took the Piracetam and I started to realize this was not just Placebo.  Colours were vibrant, thoughts and observations were crystal clear with laser-guided precision. The clear thoughts in my mind could roll off the tip of my tongue without the slightest resistance.

At this point, I was dedicated on trying all nootropics and was happy with the results. They all have their own unique benefits and I use each accordingly. I also never use one for too long and always mix it up. I would have to say that my life is easier now and I am happy I found nootropics.

So…. Nootropics for Studying?

While my experience was not related to school, it does not mean nootropics would not have helped me for studying. Guaranteed they would have but I was just not aware at the time. This is your time to shine and use this advantage of knowledge to further your studies or academic career. I think it is a shame

I like to take dosages of nootropics when I am writing content or working on detail orientated tasks on my computer. Often these tasks are very repetitive and nootropics make them easier for me. When you are doing a very repetitive and draining task like studying or working, nootropics can really help in this area.

I’m not saying nootropics will be a magic pill for school and studying. You still have to apply yourself (as I’m sure you do) and give 110%. Nootropics will just make this application of your efforts turn into results easier. Who knows, maybe you won’t feel any effects or they will be just too subtle for you to notice. I am convinced nootropics work on everyone but some people just don’t realise the effects or it takes longer to hit. Either way, it is worth a shot, try them out for studying, and if you like what you see experiment further.