Is Noopept The Best Nootropic?


Noopept is the newest nootropic making a buzz in the racetam industry. Racetam users are excited about the effects of the so called, new and improved cognitive enhancer and online, many are claiming it to be the best nootropic.

Noopept was cited in scientific research to be “1000x more powerful than Piracetam” but is it true? This really depends on personal preference. One user may like Piracetam, while another, may much prefer Noopept. In research, Noopept is stated as much stronger than Piracetam but this is based on the potency per dose. This benefit allows 10mg of noopept to be as strong as 1g of Piracetam. It does not mean the effects of Noopept may feel overwhelmingly stronger than an average dose of piracetam. Results and opinions are likely to vary.

Many medical companies are looking at Noopept in their areas of neuro-research and a US and Russian patent has been applied. With advances in medical research, the window of opportunity may close for people wishing to use Noopept. As the research becomes more advanced, the drug is likely to become less available and more expensive for the average user. It may also become illegal to posess without a prescription.

Noopept is being looked at with a magnifying glass by the large drug manufacterers. It looks like all the benefits Piracetam may have on cognitive diseases may be thwarted by its newest rival. It is being researched as a treatment for Alzhiemer’s and may pick up where Piracetam fell short. Noopept has been shown in research, not only to have excellent neuroprotective effects but also to increase improve spatial memory. These effects look promising.


One thing is for sure. Noopept looks good! Here are some the exciting benefits this drug has over Piracetam.


Noopept vs Piracetam


  1. Lower Dose – Only 10-20mg is needed instead of the usual 1-3 grams per dose of piracetam
  2. Cost – Lower dose, lowers cost. Piracetam is still cheap but the cost of Noopept seems to be very reasonable considering its efficiency. May not stay that way for long
  3. Neuro-Protective – Nooept seems to have even more benefits than Piracetam. Not to say either nootropic is better in this respect but Noopept has not been studied to its full potential. Results look promising.
  4. Anti-Anxiety – Noopept has been reported to have added anti-anxiety effects. Users have reported increased socialbility and a more relaxed state. There is not guarantee here but we are sure it has something to do with our GABA we love.
  5. Low Tolerance – With such a powerful drug you’d expect tolerance but none was seen in animal models. Piracetam has not been reported to have much tolerance either but its effectiveness is lower.


One of the more exciting effects of Noopept is the anti-anxiety effects. This is interesting and mechanism of action is not understood yet. From online accounts, it seems that the anxiety relief is only temporarily but everyone is different and well take what we can get. SUreley more research will be thrown into this area to better understand how noopept works on our brain.



Noopept looks promising but it is still pretty early to tell if it is better than any other nootropic. Mixed views have been given to us. We recommened to stay with other nootropics until more research and experiences have been compiled. If you do wish to try Noopept do it carefully and don`t dose over the recommended does. High doses have been attributed to headaches and who knows what other side effects may transpire. Just always be careful with new drugs and supplements because the long term research just isn`t there to back it.