How to Take Nootropic Powders

As you probably already realized our nootropic store carries only high quality nootropic powders. We have many people asking us whether or not we carry or may carry pills/tablets in the future. The truth is powders are superior to pills in terms of nootropics. Also, processing nootropics into pills would drive up the price which is unnecessary. All one needs is the proper advice and tools to take nootropic powders.

This is not to say we don’t plan on adding nootropic pills/tablets in the future and we are looking into possibly doing it overseas to save time and money. In the meantime, this blog post is to inform “newbies” how to properly utilize nootropic powders for consumption.

Pills vs Powder

When you buy nootropic pills you are adding 30-60% more to the costs. Many nootropics like Noopept and Pramiracetam are already very expensive and if you plan on using these supplements for the long term it is not a very financialy sound decision.

Also, when you are dealing with other less potent nootropics like Piracetam you will have to take many pills to get the effects that a quick scoop of powder will do so why pay the extra for the same effects? It is helpful to know that a teaspoon is equal to about 5 grams so you can use half a teaspoon or less for a dosage of Piracetam.

Now I know you’re asking yourself “What about all the other nootropics that have dosages ranging from 10mg – 500mg?” Read the bellow advice for some quick tips.

Measuring Nootropics

There are two solutions to measuring nootropics that require a more accurate measurement. Micro measuring spoons or scales are the choices but we suggest doing both. These items can both can be obtained online for under $35.


The microspoon set we suggest is the NorPro 3080 5pc set however there may be other sets that you can obtain locally from retailers. The best place to check would be any place they sell cookware or maybe a science store if one exists nearby. These spoons should run you anywhere from 5-10$.

Once you get your microspoons figure out the conversions to milligrams. The Norpro 3080 set comes in 1/5 tsp, 1/11 tsp, 1/16 tsp, 1/32 tsp, 1/64 tsp increments.  So the smallest spoon is the “drop spoon” that is equal to about 80mg by doing the conversion from 5000mg(teaspoon)/65(dropspoon).

In this case, if you were taking a nootropic powder like Noopept you could eyeball about half of the dropspoon to get the max recommended dosage. If you were to go a full dropspoon on the Noopept you would be fine as we have heard reports of nootropic users taking up to 500mg of Noopept (WARNING: Do not try this). In the case of Adrafinil or Noopept it is highly recommended to get a scale for more accurate results.

Use a Scale

Here is the video on the scale we recommend as well as a link on where to buy the Norpro spoons with the set. Any scale will do that is accurate up to 2mg(.002g) but we recommend to use one accurate up to 1mg(.001g)