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Nootropics Treatment: Cerebral Palsy has had yet another email request to review whether or not nootropics, specially the racetam family, have merit in treating the cognitive disorder known as, Cerebral Palsy. In this specific email, the person has a 5 year old daughter who suffers from a specific form of Cerebral Palsy. As many people know, the racetam […]

Can Nootropics Help Treat Dyslexia?

  Dyslexia is a very common type of learning disability that is said to affect 5-10% of the population. Dyslexia can range from very mild symptoms (that often go undetected) to very severe dehabilitating cases. The problem often goes undetected in young children. Individuals with dyslexia are often unfairly judged as being “slow” when the […]

Nootropics Treatment for Aspergers

  Advance Nootropics had a request a few weeks ago to write a blog post about how Nootropics may help treat Asperger’s. As per request, we will try to supply some detailed and supportive information on the topic. The area of Asperger’s Syndrome, or high functioning autism, is not fully understood in the medical profession […]