Nootropics for Studying

It is not a mystery why over 80% of our customers are university students. always has a spike in sales during exam times and before a new semester starts. This is due to the effects nootropics have on studying. They are very effective while at the same time safe to use in recommended dosages […]

How to Take Nootropic Powders

As you probably already realized our nootropic store carries only high quality nootropic powders. We have many people asking us whether or not we carry or may carry pills/tablets in the future. The truth is powders are superior to pills in terms of nootropics. Also, processing nootropics into pills would drive up the price which […]

Are Nootropics Safe?

Advance Nootropics recently had a customer inquiry into whether or not nootropics are safe. We have decided to put together a clear and concise blog post to answer these questions. When someone is inquiring about safety they are usually interested in two things, neurotoxicity and hepatoxicity (liver). I’d like to start off by saying that […]

Racetam Dosages & Attack Dose

If you are new to the racetam nootropic culture you may have heard the term “attack dose” thrown around a few times on various forums and blogs. Using an attack dose is one very common technique nootropics users use to maximize the racetams cognitive boosting benefits. It is by no means needed to feel results […]

Piracetam Review

  Today we are going to do a review on Piracetam which is one of the oldest and most tested of the nootropic racetam family. You’re probably reading this post because you are looking to try Piracetam or just wanting to compare it to other nootropics. Let me start off by saying if you’re looking […]

What Are Ampakines?

Ampakines are molecules that alter brain chemistry. By altering this brain chemistry, these ampakines can result in an increased attention span, better learning power and a stronger and quicker memory that can allow a person to stay more awake and alert throughout the day and their lives. In addition, ampakines are being investigated as a […]

Best Nootropics

Advance Nootropics has put together a list of the best nootropics. Picking the best nootropic for you really depends on your goals. As a beginner to nootropics, one should start out with an industry standard like Piracetam and work from there to explore the best option for them. To explore what the best nootropic is, […]

PhenylPiracetam – Nootropic for Concentration

PhenylPiracetam, (AKA Phenotropil) is potent supplement for concentration. It is used in Russia as a prescripsion drug to help combat brain conditions. PP also acts a neuroprotective agent and a potent vasodilator. In terms of Potency, it is considered 30-60 times more potent than Piracetam however, both PhenylPiracetam and Piracetam have different results for many […]

Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam

In my opinion, I think Pramiracetam is more powerful than Aniracetam but opinions will vary. I recommend that you try both as it seems to be 50/50. If you have never tried these types of supplements, start with Piracetam. There are also some other natural nootropic formulas that are very effective and worth a try […]

Focus Factor Review

  Focus factor is listed as the #1 brain supplement on the market. Is this all true? The truth is Focus Factor has some real good nootropic ingredients but it is important to understand what these ingredients are and how they affect the brain. Focus Factor was produced by Focus labs and they have patented […]