You’re probably here because you want to find nootropic supplements to improve your memory and help you focus. Great! the first step is knowledge. The second is choosing the right product to help you get there. You can try to study your way to “smartness” but in the end, our brains run on chemicals and increasing these chemicals get us ahead.

What Are Nootropics?

The term nootropic was coined by Corneliu E. Giurgea who also synthesized Piracetam in 1964.  According to him, a nootropic should contain the following characteristics

  • They should have the ability to enhance learning and memory.
  • They should improve the resistance of learned memories and behaviours.
  • They should be capable of protecting the brain against various injuries.
  • They should have the effect of increasing cortical/subcortical mechanisms.
  • They should not exhibit the pharmacological effects of psychotropic drugs.
  • They should be low in toxicity and low in side effects.

In short, nootropic drugs, neutraceuticals, and functional foods are those which help in the enhancement of concentration and memory while at the same time have qualities of being neuroprotective. They should also be relatively non-toxic or not at all.

Cognitive enhancing supplements. can be in the form of certain vitamins, supplements or herbs like ginkgo biloba. The effects of nootropics have been continuously studied and proven to be effective in many areas of brain health and memory support. Of all the cognitive enhancing supplements, the racetam family seem to be of the most promising. Today, many racetams are being studied for medical use and brain longevity.


Racetam supplements are known to work by acting on the glutamate and cholinergic receptors in the brain. Glutamate receptors are abundant in the human brain and are responsible for binding to glutamate. Glutamate is the brains’ most prevalent excitatory neurotransmitter. The glutamate to receptor binding plays a huge role in memory formation and learning.

Cholingeric receptors bind with acetylcholine, which is another important neurotransmitter. When acetylcholine gets into the cholingeic system, it tends to have anti-excitatory effects on the central nervous system. Acetylcholine has been shown to increase sensory perception and increase the ability to pay attention. Damage to the cholingeric receptors and the acetylcholine system has been linked with memory problems.


Many racetam users have had great results with stacking their supplements. Stacking is using the supplement in combination with others in order to obtain synergistic effects. As a first time user of nootropics it is important to be comfortable and start with your own preferences. It is recommended to start with a basic racetam like Piracetam and work up to the more advanced supplements. Eventually you may decide to work another nootropic into a stack but you must do it wisely as nootropics still have warnings and side effects. Sometimes tweaking or modifying your stack can have huge advantages to desired effects. Over time, you are likely to become more educated and choose the best stack with the least side effects.

Cycling is another technique nootropic users commonly work into their routine. Unfortunately, effects of these supplements can become less effective overtime as your body gets used to the effects. This can happen quicker than others with certain nootropics. Cycling is when the user takes breaks in between effective supplements to avoid tolerance and loss of beneficial effects. Users may make their own decisions on which time frame the cognitive enhancer becomes inefficient and use this as a gauge to cycle to the next and so on. Sometimes advanced cycling will be used with stacking and involve changing dosages and readjusting.

These are all advanced nootropic staking teqniques that can be learned over time. Follow our blog and <link>sign up for our newsletter to receive new and up to date strategies on nootropics.

Nootropic Side Effects

Unfortunately, not all nootropics are without side effects. Just because they may be a legal supplement in some countries does not mean they may be 100% safe. This is not to scare you or convince you not to try these wonderful cognitive enhancers. If their effects were thought to be a high abuse risk or the pros were to outweigh the cons, such as safety authorities would surly make them illegal. The fact that nootropics can still be purchased and have not been banned does show some government acknowledgement for them. At we urge you to use these supplements safely and responsibly to avoid ruining others chances to experience nootropics.

Heed all warnings and read the side effects. Also be responsible with dosage. Use a lower dose to observe the effects and side effects the racetam my cause you and adjust accordingly. Racetams have been proven very safe however there is never a sure thing. Using a lower and responsible dose will lower or eliminate any risk you will have.