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Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid HCI) belongs to the family of neuropsychotropics and was first introduced in Russia during the 1960s. Its effects are compared to a mixture of Piracetam and Diazepam. In general, its psychopharmacological activity is considered to be similar to that of baclofen, a p-Cl-derivative.


Phenibut is a legal compound sold in many countries as a dietary supplement used to combat anxiety. Some use it as ‘performance enhancer’ while others use it to treat insomnia. It is also very popular in the bodybuilding industry to help me sleep and stress.

Mechanism of action of Phenibut

Even though Phenibut (beta-phenyl-gama-aminobutyric acid) is derived from GABA (gama-aminobutyric-acid), it differs from GABA in that it has an ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier. This tranquilizer supplement works on the GABA b receptors which are responsible for the sedative results of the supplement.  The binding of Phenibut to these GABA b receptors are responsible for its hypnotic and sedative properties.



A variety of benefits are attributed to the intake of phenibut some of which are listed below

  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Brings in a sense of relaxation
  • Improves cognitive ability
  • Increased memory
  • Reduced insomnia and Improved sleep
  • Induces calmness
  • Improvement in social behavior
  • An improved auditory perception especially while listening to music
  • Some moderate improvement in sexual performance is reported
  • Enhanced motivation
  • Marked reduction in tension and fatigue
  • Improvement in post-traumatic stress disorder

Since it possesses the ability to stimulate dopamine receptors, it is known to contribute to mood elevation.

Adverse effects

Phenibut is reported to low on side effects. Nonetheless, some of the reported side effects are described hereunder:

  • Tolerance appears to develop fast
  • High abuse potential and nasty withdrawl symptoms
  • Its efficacy on pregnant and expectant women is not established and hence, they should avoid using it.
  • In some, there could be symptoms of sweaty hands, reduced appetite and increased insomnia instead of reduction.
  • It is also know cause interaction with MAO inhibitors and drugs that are prescribed to control epilepsy.
  • It can also cause drowsiness
  • Tinnitus
  • Respiratory depression when mixed with other sedatives (very dangerous and possibly fatal)

Phenibut is a powerful compound and due to this, some countries have made it illegal.


The dosage is dependent on a variety of factors such as, age, health, conditions etc. It is recommended not to use every day to avoid complications with dependence and withdrawl.

Phenibut is a powerful substance that must be taken cautiously. Normally, a dosage of 1000 mg (1gm) is recommended on empty stomach. For those weighing over 210 lbs, 1.5 Gms is recommended. Higher doses have been recorded however this is highly frowned upon and could be potentially dangerous. It is best to start with a dose of 300mg and work your way up to higher doses of needed.


Phenibut is considered superior to benzodiazepines for the reason that it is natural and considered to improve ‘rem’ sleep. It is also considered superior to piracetam because it works on a broader spectrum of health conditions. Its nootropic effects are not very noticeable so this drug is better for coping with anxiety and depression.


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