Racetam Dosages & Attack Dose

If you are new to the racetam nootropic culture you may have heard the term “attack dose” thrown around a few times on various forums and blogs. Using an attack dose is one very common technique nootropics users use to maximize the racetams cognitive boosting benefits. It is by no means needed to feel results from racetams

An attack dose is a much larger dose (often 2-3 times the recommended dose) that is used anywhere from a day to a week. Using an attack dose will help kick-start the effects and get the supplement working and accumulated in your system faster.

By using an attack dose, your body accepts the supplement quicker. An attack dose may also make you become more aware of how the supplement works in your system. Attack doses are done at your own risk, so use common sense and assess your tolerance beforehand.

It is important to remember that by using an attack dose you are increasing the chance of experiencing unwanted side effects like headache and nausea. At the same time, dosing too little may offer little to none of the desired results you wish. Using an attack dose is an advanced technique that should only be used by advanced users. By no means is it recommended to use an attack dose without first assessing your tolerance to the specific supplement.

Not all nootropic supplements are meant to have an attack dose. Just stick to the racetams. Sometimes, attack doses will yield opposite results. Some people find attack doses will give them the “foggy  clouded mind syndrome”. This of course is not the desired results of nootropics and may be due to sensory overload or possible over stimulation of GABA. This side effect seems to vary from person to person based on sensitivity. Many find that using a choline supplement like Alpha GPC with their attack dose can eliminate or reduce these effects.


Piracetam Dosage & Attack Dose

Regular Dosage: 1 – 2g at a time. Some like to take a second dosage during the day. Piracetam is water soluable

Attack Dose:  2 – 5g at a time. Once a day is fine but many users repeat one or more times throughout the day and may do for one day only or consecutive days before lowering dose.


Aniracetam Dosage & Attack Dose

Regular Dosage: 800mg – 1500mg dosage at once. 1 – 2 dosages a day depending on individuals. It is important to not to take with a fat source or Aniracetam. Higher dosages are recommended if you are taking for anxiety.

Attack Dose: 1500mg – 2000mg once a day for one or more days.


Pramiracetam Dosage & Attack Dose

Regular Dosage:  200 – 400mg once or multiple times a day. Pramiracetam is fat soluable so you must take it with a fat source

Attack dose:  400 – 800mg once or multiple times for one or more consecutive days. Pramiracetam is potent to use with caution.


Oxiracetam Dosage & Attack Dose

Regular Dosage:  800 – 1500mg once or multiple times for one or more consecutive days. Oxiracetam is water soluble

Attack Dose: 1500-200mg for one or more days


Noopept Dosage

Regular Dosage:  10 – 20mg once or twice a day is recommended. Some people find using 20 – 50mg a day is a good regular dose. Noopept is water soluble.

Attack Dose:  It is not recommended to use an attack dose on Noopept but people often do. Higher dosages have led to “foggy -mind syndrome” most likely due to sensory and/or GABA overload.


Phenylpiracetam Dosage

Regular Dosage:  100 – 200mg. Once per day is usually sufficient for most. Phenylpiracetam is very strong as is important to discover sensitivity before use. Some find lower than our recommended Dose to be best. Phenylpiracetam is water soluble.

Attack Dose:  It is not recommended to use an attack dose with Phenylpiracetam. It is also fairly expensive so it is not economical to do so.