Q. Where Are We Located?

A. We are located in Florida, United States.


Q. How long for me to receive my shipment?

A. This depends, it should take 4-7 days within the US. In areas outside the US, packages can be delayed at customs and therefore can take longer than expected. Unfortunately, we cannot control this.


Q. Do you warranty the shipments?

A. Only shipments within the US. While international customs seizures are rare, they can happen and we cannot guarantee your shipment. As long as your country has not banned the substance everything should be ok. You alone are responsible to know your countries regulations.


Q. Where does your product come from.

A. China, this is where 95% of the many supplement companies get their materials from. You can rest assured our supplier is GMP and Kosher and Halal certified and you are only getting the best quality. If you wish to get more detail we’ll be happy to supply it.


Q. Why are you guys so cheap?

A. Simple. We buy all our supplements in bulk. The bulk discounts we get are huge this allows us to slash the original wholesale price.


Q. Do you guys do wholesale?

A. Feel free to inquire via the contact form.