Synaptol Review

Synaptol is an ADD/ADHD symptom relief medicine that is designed for both children and adults. It has many benefits to relieving both Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and has been used successfully by thousands of people to relieve symptoms and improve their quality of life. Synaptol is all-natural, homeopathic, and doesn’t contain […]

PhenylPiracetam – Nootropic for Concentration

PhenylPiracetam, (AKA Phenotropil) is potent supplement for concentration. It is used in Russia as a prescripsion drug to help combat brain conditions. PP also acts a neuroprotective agent and a potent vasodilator. In terms of Potency, it is considered 30-60 times more potent than Piracetam however, both PhenylPiracetam and Piracetam have different results for many […]

Addtabz Review

If you are looking to obtain that Adderall like kick legally, you have to check out ADDtabz. This smart drug is a product created by Gentech pharmacueticals. Gentech has created and patented a formula called, Ampheta. Ampheta is the synthetic amphetamine formula within Addtabz. With Ampheta, You can have all the effects of Adderall and […]

Adrafinil – Legal Modafinil

Disclaimer: None of this is to promote drug use. This article is strictly informative and is not meant to replace advice from your doctor. Advance Nootropics fully supports the use of natural stimulants to increase mental performance and energy. Check out our review of a natural Adderall Alternative   For those Modafinil fans out there, […]

Aniracetam vs Pramiracetam

In my opinion, I think Pramiracetam is more powerful than Aniracetam but opinions will vary. I recommend that you try both as it seems to be 50/50. If you have never tried these types of supplements, start with Piracetam. There are also some other natural nootropic formulas that are very effective and worth a try […]

Profiderall Review

Profiderall is marketed as an “alternative to Adderall”. The bottle it comes in even looks like a prescription. The problem is, there are a lot of  supplement companies making false claims and its just hard to trust anymore. This is why I have decided to do this review. I have tried dozens of nootropic formulas, […]

Focus Factor Review

  Focus factor is listed as the #1 brain supplement on the market. Is this all true? The truth is Focus Factor has some real good nootropic ingredients but it is important to understand what these ingredients are and how they affect the brain. Focus Factor was produced by Focus labs and they have patented […]

Alpha Brain Review

  Alpha brain is one of the most competitive and complete natural nootropic remedies on the market. This product is made by Onnit labs and has a patented proprietary blend of natural ingredients. It is non-caffeinated, and suitable for anyone wanting to get results without using unhealthy stimulants. Alpha brain is full of anti-oxidants and […]

Doxiderol Review

Doxiderol is hands down the most potent natural nootropic formula I have tried. I was tired of using nasty stimulants and “smart drugs” and decided to go all natural. I was worried they would not be as effective, but then I found Doxiderol. I have tried Piracetam and several other “smart drugs” but the problem […]

Function of Acetylcholine on Memory

Acetylcholine is a neuromodulator neurotransmitter like Dopamine and Serotonin. This chemical, as well as associated neurons, work together to form the chlorogenic system in the central nervous system. The chlorogenic system is responsible for important functions such as, short term memory, learning, decision making, reward and arousal. This important chemical, is also responsible in the […]